OMG Fitness - Badminton

Bodyweight Exercises For Badminton Players

How Does Bodyweight Training Help Badminton Players? Badminton might seem like a rather straightforward sport once you know the rules and pick up the techniques. However, for those players who actually want to become good in it, they would need to have more than just the skills. Some other essential qualities that a badminton player Read more about Bodyweight Exercises For Badminton Players[…]

OMG Fitness - Captain America

Every Country Needs a Captain America

Captain America’s Training The Captain America’s training involves the entire body and makes use of your own bodyweight. The focal point is on circuit training and letting your body go through a variety of exercises. The faster you complete these exercises, the more fat you will be able to burn. However, it is of the Read more about Every Country Needs a Captain America[…]

OMG Fitness - Handstand

Top 5 Bodyweight Back Workouts

Purpose of Back Workouts The back muscles are one of the muscle groups that most individuals are guilty of ignoring. Many of us spend long hours in front of the computer. This can cause strains in the back and result in us hunching. Back workouts can help to strengthen your back to help maintain functional Read more about Top 5 Bodyweight Back Workouts[…]

OMG Fitness - Batman

Bring Out the Batman in You

Batman’s Training with Bodyweight In this new series of articles, we are going to look into the various workouts for superheroes. We will kick it off with Batman’s training. Oh and in case you are wondering, these are all bodyweight exercises that you can perform from the comfort of your home. Background of Batman’s Training Read more about Bring Out the Batman in You[…]

OMG Fitness - Burpees

Bodyweight Exercises For Boxers

Boxers Do Bodyweight Exercises Too Most people have this impression that boxers spend a lot of the time training in the gym. This is not in any way inaccurate or incorrect. It is true that they do spend hours to perfect their craft. However, they also do invest time in bodyweight training to get themselves Read more about Bodyweight Exercises For Boxers[…]

OMG Fitness - Parallel Bar

Top 5 Bodyweight Forearm Workouts

Purpose of Forearm Workouts When it comes to training of the arms, most individuals tend to focus on the biceps and triceps. The forearm workouts are usually neglected as not everyone sees the need for it. However, the muscles in our forearms are essential for grip strength. It can be quite a challenge to build Read more about Top 5 Bodyweight Forearm Workouts[…]

OMG Fitness - Tricep Dips

Top 5 Bodyweight Triceps Workouts

Triceps Workouts For Colossal Arms For those individuals who are trying to achieve bigger arms, you would realise that your triceps workouts would complement your biceps workouts. If you are only focus on the biceps and neglecting those triceps muscles, you are missing out quite significantly. To get started on your triceps workouts, here are Read more about Top 5 Bodyweight Triceps Workouts[…]

OMG Fitness - Chin Ups

Top 5 Bodyweight Biceps Workouts

Back to Basics with Biceps Workouts Biceps workouts are quite possibly one of the most popular amongst men. Those big muscles can go a long way to impressing others. Now the burning question is, how do people actually achieve that? Here are some of the most basic bodyweight exercises that can contribute significantly to building Read more about Top 5 Bodyweight Biceps Workouts[…]