OMG Fitness - Lunges

Top 5 Bodyweight Quads Workouts

Getting in the Quads Workouts The quadriceps or quads in short, is a large muscle group that includes the four prevailing muscles on the front of the thigh. They tend to work together in extending and swinging the leg forward. At the same time, they help to support the knee joint. These are essential muscles Read more about Top 5 Bodyweight Quads Workouts[…]

OMG Fitness - Green Arrow

Become Someone Else; Something Else

Arrow’s Training with Bodyweight When you are stranded on an island by yourself, it is either fight or flight. If you are able to survive on your own, you will probably be able to get the hang of things after awhile. This leaves you with an extended amount of time to get through on a Read more about Become Someone Else; Something Else[…]

OMG Fitness - Chest Dips

Bodyweight Exercises For Bodybuilders

Bodybuilders and Their Workouts Bodybuilding requires consistency and discipline in order to succeed. Bodybuilders tend to put themselves and their bodies through a whole lot before they are able to get the figure they want to showcase on the stage. As bodybuilding encompasses the entire body, their training has to cover everything from head to Read more about Bodyweight Exercises For Bodybuilders[…]

OMG Fitness - Black Widow

Black Widow’s Spy Training

Black Widow’s Training She works as a spy, but she also has the necessary combat skills to defend herself when the time calls for it. Black Widow’s training is a full body workout suitable for beginners to the more advanced individuals. All of these exercises when put together will form a high-intensity workout. This is Read more about Black Widow’s Spy Training[…]

OMG Fitness - Crunches

Top 5 Bodyweight Abs Workouts

Abs Workouts with Bodyweight Some of the best abs workouts one can perform actually do not involve any equipment at all. In fact, research has proven that such bodyweight ab exercises are just as effective as those equipment you use in the gym. At the same time, such workouts can be done anywhere at anytime. Read more about Top 5 Bodyweight Abs Workouts[…]

OMG Fitness - Black Canary

Black Canary’s Combat Training

Learn Combat Skills in Black Canary’s Training Before we elaborate further on Black Canary’s training, do note that this training is suitable for both ladies as well as the men. Just because a superhero is a female, it does not mean that their training is only suitable for the ladies. Anyone can try this out Read more about Black Canary’s Combat Training[…]

OMG Fitness - Burpees

Bodyweight Exercises For Baseball Players

The Toughness of Baseball Swinging a bat to hit a ball might seem like a pretty straightforward task. However, the entire movement requires stability, strength and technique. Let’s also not forget that baseball still involves running, jumping and catching too. Hence, if you think about it, this popular sport would actually need you to make Read more about Bodyweight Exercises For Baseball Players[…]

OMG Fitness - Black Panther

Swift Like The Black Panther

Black Panther’s Training For Everyday People The Black Panther might have enhanced senses, strength, speed, agility, stamina, durability, healing and reflexes. However, he is still human after all. In order to be able to fully utilise all of his enhancements, he would first need to build a good foundation. So here a breakdown of what Black Read more about Swift Like The Black Panther[…]

OMG Fitness - TRX Chest Workouts

Top 5 Bodyweight Chest Workouts

Chest Workouts for the Pecs Building those big pecs on your chest is actually pretty straightforward. The two main traits that one would require would be effort and consistency. Sure, heading to the gym would definitely help anyone to build up their chest. However, there are also chest workouts one can do by simply using Read more about Top 5 Bodyweight Chest Workouts[…]

OMG Fitness - Batgirl

Batgirl in Training

Batgirl’s Training Regime Batgirl started out as a sidekick to Batman. Eventually, she became a strong and independent lady, who was more than capable of fighting crime on her own. It was Batgirl’s training that prepared her for what was to come and provided her with the ability to overcome various obstacles. Although the name, Read more about Batgirl in Training[…]