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Arrow’s Training with Bodyweight

When you are stranded on an island by yourself, it is either fight or flight. If you are able to survive on your own, you will probably be able to get the hang of things after awhile. This leaves you with an extended amount of time to get through on a daily basis, making the day feel a lot longer. As it is highly unlikely for you to find a gym in such a situation, arrow’s training involves just using your bodyweight and making the best use of them.

OMG Fitness - Pull Up

You Won’t Fail the City

OMG Fitness - Arrow Training

After you get started out on arrow’s training, you will notice that each of the exercises target different muscle groups. The whole point of this is to give you a full body workout. You can’t expect to save the city if you are not agile and/or strong enough. These exercises will allow you to have a well toned physique from top to bottom. In fact, you would have come across most of these exercises before. By combining all of them together in a single set, you will experience a good fat-burning session too. It is definitely a workout to push you to your limits.

Arrow’s Training Starts Now

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The nine exercises form a single set. The ultimate goal is to work your way up till 10 sets. You can take a break in between each set, but try to keep it below 2 minutes. Ideally, keep your rest period to just 30 seconds. It may seem challenging and perhaps near impossible to some at the start. It is important to give yourself some time to get the movements done correctly before getting the hang of things. If you are unclear, it would be better to seek assistance from a certified personal trainer. They are the ones with the knowledge and experience to provide you with proper training.

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