Bodyweight Exercises For Baseball Players

The Toughness of Baseball

Swinging a bat to hit a ball might seem like a pretty straightforward task. However, the entire movement requires stability, strength and technique. Let’s also not forget that baseball still involves running, jumping and catching too. Hence, if you think about it, this popular sport would actually need you to make use of various muscle groups from upper to lower body.

Durability for Baseball

In order to keep yourself in the best shape to prevent injuries from occurring, you should take time as well as effort to strengthen and condition your body. The sport requires various muscle groups as mentioned, therefore you should think about doing bodyweight exercises that will improve on your multi-joint movements. Here are some exercises that will provide your body with durability it needs and enhance your daily performance.


OMG Fitness - Wide Pushups

This can be considered as the master of all workouts for the upper body. You will be able to build up your arms, chest and back areas through this to improve on your batting.

Burpees / Squat Thrusts

OMG Fitness - Burpees

If push-ups are the master for the upper body, this might just be the master for the lower body. It improves on your stability while strengthening your core and legs. You will then be able to perform better runs and jumps.


OMG Fitness - Lunges

This workout specifically targets the muscle group in your legs. It leaves your body with increased stability and stronger legs for running and jumping.


OMG Fitness - Pull Up

This common exercise emphasizes on control and grip in baseball so you can improve further on your batting performance. You will start to realise the stark contrast it can make after regular and consistent sessions.

Baseball is not the only sport that requires you to use various muscle groups. There are actually many other sports that would require that too. Such bodyweight exercises are a great complement to your existing training. You just have to ensure that you perform them correctly. If you are uncertain about them, there is no harm in engaging a personal trainer to assist you.

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