Bodyweight Exercises For Basketball Players

Improve your Basketball Game

There are some sports out there that are perceived as games of natural physical gifts above everything else. Basketball is one of them. Sure, being tall, having long arms and the ability to jump high are all positive attributes for a player. However, these are not everything that is required. Basketball also revolves around agility, lateral movement and power. Such skills can be nurtured. Here are some exercises one can include in their training to improve on their basketball game.

Lateral Lunge

OMG Fitness - Lateral Lunge

Does this movement seem familiar to you? It is actually the standard defensive shuffling motion in basketball. Lateral lunge also opens up the groin and hips muscles.

Glute Bridge

OMG Fitness - Glute Bridge

You might be wondering why is there even a need to train the glutes. Well, if you are looking to improve on your jumping and explosive movements, then the firing and muscle-recruitment patterns of the glutes are the key factors.

Lateral Bound

OMG Fitness - Lateral Bound

Basketball is not just about your height and arms. In fact, it involves your entire body. When it comes to your legs, you would require explosive lateral power. This is so that you can perform fast cuts and side-to-side movements.

Goblet Squat

OMG Fitness - Goblet Squat

How can you develop strength in the lower body? The goblet squat is a great method of achieving power in your legs. At the same time, it helps to work on your stability too.

Pull Ups

OMG Fitness - Pull Up

A proper jump shot involves a full extension through the lats, back, shoulders and wrist. If you want to improve further on jump shots, pull ups are a great tool when they are done correctly. They can build on your overall back strength.

Perhaps a crucial benefit of these bodyweight exercises is that they have the ability to reduce the risk of injuries. Some of these mentioned basketball exercises are sometimes used in Rehab Training too.

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