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Bodyweight Exercises For Baseball Players

The Toughness of Baseball Swinging a bat to hit a ball might seem like a pretty straightforward task. However, the entire movement requires stability, strength and technique. Let’s also not forget that baseball still involves running, jumping and catching too. Hence, if you think about it, this popular sport would actually need you to make Read more about Bodyweight Exercises For Baseball Players[…]

OMG Fitness - Black Panther

Swift Like The Black Panther

Black Panther’s Training For Everyday People The Black Panther might have enhanced senses, strength, speed, agility, stamina, durability, healing and reflexes. However, he is still human after all. In order to be able to fully utilise all of his enhancements, he would first need to build a good foundation. So here a breakdown of what Black Read more about Swift Like The Black Panther[…]

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Where Can I Have My Personal Training in Singapore?

Personal Training Venue in Singapore So you have made the first step in hiring a trainer, but now you need to figure out the most convenient personal training venue for yourself. This article will introduce to you various places where you can have your classes. Do note that for the purpose of this article, these Read more about Where Can I Have My Personal Training in Singapore?[…]

OMG Fitness - TRX Chest Workouts

Top 5 Bodyweight Chest Workouts

Chest Workouts for the Pecs Building those big pecs on your chest is actually pretty straightforward. The two main traits that one would require would be effort and consistency. Sure, heading to the gym would definitely help anyone to build up their chest. However, there are also chest workouts one can do by simply using Read more about Top 5 Bodyweight Chest Workouts[…]

OMG Fitness - Batgirl

Batgirl in Training

Batgirl’s Training Regime Batgirl started out as a sidekick to Batman. Eventually, she became a strong and independent lady, who was more than capable of fighting crime on her own. It was Batgirl’s training that prepared her for what was to come and provided her with the ability to overcome various obstacles. Although the name, Read more about Batgirl in Training[…]

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A Guide to Post-Workout Meals

Importance of Post-workout Meals In order to see progress and gains from working out, one would have to be mindful of what they choose to consume. Post-workout meals is crucial in helping one’s body to recover from each workout session. A sufficient intake of both carbohydrates and protein goes a long way in repairing muscles Read more about A Guide to Post-Workout Meals[…]

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Bodyweight Exercises For Badminton Players

How Does Bodyweight Training Help Badminton Players? Badminton might seem like a rather straightforward sport once you know the rules and pick up the techniques. However, for those players who actually want to become good in it, they would need to have more than just the skills. Some other essential qualities that a badminton player Read more about Bodyweight Exercises For Badminton Players[…]

OMG Fitness - Captain America

Every Country Needs a Captain America

Captain America’s Training The Captain America’s training involves the entire body and makes use of your own bodyweight. The focal point is on circuit training and letting your body go through a variety of exercises. The faster you complete these exercises, the more fat you will be able to burn. However, it is of the Read more about Every Country Needs a Captain America[…]

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Top 5 Bodyweight Back Workouts

Purpose of Back Workouts The back muscles are one of the muscle groups that most individuals are guilty of ignoring. Many of us spend long hours in front of the computer. This can cause strains in the back and result in us hunching. Back workouts can help to strengthen your back to help maintain functional Read more about Top 5 Bodyweight Back Workouts[…]