April 22, 2017

Pre-Enlistee / IPPT Training

This National Service (NS) Pre-Enlistee / Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT) Training is targeted specifically at 2 groups of individuals.

The first group of individuals are those who are enlisting into National Service soon. The Pre-Enlistee / IPPT Training helps to get them into better physical shape, so that they would be able to cope better with the physical training. One of the most dreaded aspects of NS is the physical training. When one is both mentally and physically prepared for that, it does make a huge difference. The individual will not get stressed out as compared to his peers and also be able to focus on other aspects of training.

The second group of individuals are those who are hoping to improve on their IPPT results. The Pre-Enlistee / IPPT Training will help the individual to perform and attain better scores in the various stations. This is suitable for either NSFs or NSmen. It does not matter if you are looking to pass, get bronze, silver or gold or to simply improve further in a specific station. This training is specially designed to help the individual attain his goals.

What are the Benefits of the Pre-Enlistee / IPPT Training?

Better Physical Shape
The Pre-Enlistee / IPPT Training is designed to get one to cope better during National Service and/or perform better for IPPT.
Develop Various Muscles
Through the Pre-Enlistee / IPPT Training, one would not only be in a better physical shape. They will also be able to tone and build up their body.
Build Endurance/Stamina

The workouts and exercises in the Pre-Enlistee / IPPT Training are designed to boost one's fitness levels

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