Top 5 Bodyweight Abs Workouts

Abs Workouts with Bodyweight

Some of the best abs workouts one can perform actually do not involve any equipment at all. In fact, research has proven that such bodyweight ab exercises are just as effective as those equipment you use in the gym. At the same time, such workouts can be done anywhere at anytime. All you would need is an exercise mat. Here are some of the best abs workouts to produce a stronger core.


OMG Fitness - Plank

This is probably the first few exercises that comes to mind when we think about abs workouts. Planks not only put your abs to work, but they also work every muscle in your core. There are 2 methods to go about planking. The first is with your forearms and the other is with your arms extended.

Six Inches

OMG Fitness - Six Inches

This is literally the opposite of the plank. It tends to be a lot tougher and most would only be able to hold the position for half of their plank duration. When you are doing this exercise, it is crucial to pay attention to your form to prevent any injuries.

Side Plank

OMG Fitness - Side Planks

This is one of the best isometric exercise for the obliques. It is recommended that you use your forearm for this. This ensures that you would focus on your abdominal as these are abs workouts after all.


OMG Fitness - Crunches

Abs workouts would not be complete without including crunches in them. They put more emphasis on the upper area of the stomach. This is a great way of working towards better definition between the abs and the chest.

Leg Raises

OMG Fitness - Leg Lift

They may work the hip flexors, but leg raises repeatedly been shown to be one of the best abs workouts. When performing them, always keep your lower back compressed onto the ground.

Most of these exercises are pretty common and straightforward to do. Nonetheless, the key is always to perform them correctly. If you have any uncertainties, make sure you consult a personal trainer, so that you do not fall prey to injury.

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