Where Can I Have My Personal Training in Singapore?

Personal Training Venue in Singapore

So you have made the first step in hiring a trainer, but now you need to figure out the most convenient personal training venue for yourself. This article will introduce to you various places where you can have your classes. Do note that for the purpose of this article, these personal training classes do not require any gym equipment. They make use of one’s own bodyweight to get a good workout in place. If you have not heard of or are unsure of what bodyweight training is, take a look at the various personal training classes we have to offer.


OMG Fitness - Home Personal Training


The first personal training venue and the most convenient of all would be in your very own home. It is very possible to have a class if you do have enough space in your living room area. However, it might not necessarily be the most ideal as it does not provide the atmosphere and setting for a workout.

Condo’s Gym

OMG Fitness - Condo Personal Training


Most condominiums in Singapore tend to have a gym room. They might not all be spacious, but it does provide the space required (if there are not too many people cluttered inside). Furthermore, the environment sets the right tone for the class.

Park or Open Field

OMG Fitness - Park Personal Training


This is one of the more common and popular personal training venue. It provides a different experience and allows you to have your workout done outdoors with fresh air. At the same time, there is more than ample space for you and your trainer to maneuver about.


OMG Fitness - Beach Personal Training


This is another common personal training venue. It might not be as popular as the park or open field, but it is still a very good choice. First of all, you don’t have to worry about any space constraints. Aside from that, you will get to enjoy the sound and sight of the waves.

There are definitely many more personal training venue in Singapore to explore. These are merely a few examples and recommendations. Feel free to provide us with more suggestions!

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