Personal Trainer? For Real? Whatever For?

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Oh God, another article on hiring a personal trainer!?

How many of these articles on hiring a personal trainer have I already seen? Well, before you move your cursor to the top right corner and click on the "X", give us a fair chance at least!

Sure, you can exercise or go the gym on your own. Yes, we do not deny that the internet and social media world offer tons of workout articles and videos online. However, nothing can ever beat interacting with a real-life personal trainer. During my National Service, I had a corporal who always emphasised on this:

OMG Fitness - Do It Once, Do It Right.

With the help of a personal trainer, one would be able to build the correct foundation for their training. This is essential as it can prevent unnecessary injuries from occurring. At the same time, a personal trainer will ensure that all the effort and hours put into training are not gone to waste due to incorrect techniques. In fact, two individuals can go on the same training programme, but the one with a personal trainer can attain his/her fitness goals in a more effecient and timely manner. This is exactly what most of us tend to overlook when it comes to hiring a personal trainer.

A long-term investment?

Most would look at the cost and feel that it is not a worthwhile investment. They feel that they can always train on their own or get some advice from friends. Here's a simple analogy. When we want to further our education, we head to a school to study. In that case, if we would like to work/improve on our fitness goals, why shouldn't we hire a certified personal trainer to assist us?

OMG Fitness - Mind Blown

If you are still unable to put two and two together, then I'm sorry but we can no longer be friends. There will always be something a personal trainer can offer for each and every individual regardless of age, gender, health conditions and fitness levels.

What's important is that you look at it as a long-term investment: Build a strong foundation for yourself to reap a better harvest for YOUR future!

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